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Buck-Tales Newsletter

Buck-Tales Newsletter, Free Subscription

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Get your FREE subscription to the Buck-Tales Newsletter, and receive a FREE Mineral Lick recipe (makes 200lbs for approx $45.00)

Everyone loves Free stuff, and us Whitetail fanatics are no different! In fact, I’m the guy that goes to the fair and fills my bag with free pens!

The Buck-Tales Newsletter is absolutely free and it’s yours with no obligation. It’s a simple PDF file that will be sent directly to your email address approximately every 4-6 weeks. The intention of Buck-Tales is to share news from the world of big Whitetails, too also have a featured big buck or two, and maybe an interesting story shared from a reader? The ideas for the newsletter are literally evolving as you read this, so all options are still on the table.

The Buck-Tales Newsletter Standard

You can hold me to these promises….

  • It will always be free
  • I will never share your email anywhere
  • There will never be spam
  • It will be enjoyable and easy to read
  • I’ve made it easy to unsubscribe at any time.

Those are my promises! Click here to sign up.

Yes, it’s absolutely free and there is no obligation or catch. Just sign up and it’s yours for as long as you want it. The PDF file will be compatible with computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Click here to get your free subscription. As an added bonus you also receive a free Mineral Lick recipe!

Buck-Tales Will Highlight Your Big Buck or Trophy Sheds

If you have a great Whitetail, or know someone who does, or have a great set of sheds that would make for an interesting story, or just want to share a fun and interesting hunting story, then please contact me and we’ll take the conversation from there.

When you sign up for the Buck-Tales Newsletter, you will need to add your information to the form  and enter your email address two times. This is simply a security measure and it proves that you are a real person and not a computer bot.

Here’s a direct link to the signup form. Your first issue will be delivered soon, but the Mineral Lick recipe is sent to you immediately upon signing up.

Thank you for your subscription to the Buck-Tales Newsletter.