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Big Whitetails, That’s my Bio!

Can’t We Just Talk About Big Whitetails?

Some people like talking about themselves, some like patting them self on the back, and some love to take selfies in the mirror. I just don’t fit that description, so believe it or not, this is the toughest page for me to write! I’d rather skip it completely, but my wife, the former KGB agent, says I need to have it. Personally, I’d rather talk about big Whitetails!

Just For The Whitetail Shooters…

This is a bio I recently posted on a Social Media site. I intended it to leave as many questions as it may have answered. It read;

“I have skills coming out my Ying Yang! I know darned near everything there is to know about Hockey, except how to skate! That alone makes me a really cool connection. Not to mention I have wrestled a Grizzly Bear, jumped over Brahma bulls, slapped a Moose, swam the Warroad river when I was three, and I’ve rode a Pig! I’ve eaten Rattlesnake, Bull testicles, and my Aunts Saskatoon Berry Pie, which takes more nerve than messing with Sasquatch, which, by the way, I’m waiting to do!”

There, I hope that helps…I hope you enjoy all the big whitetails posted within the site? Be sure to sign up for the Buck-Tales Newsletter, it’s free so you have nothing to lose and its easy to unsubscribe if you don’t like it. But I don’t know who wouldn’t like free and fun information about big whitetails? Also, while you’re here, you better grab a copy of “How to find Whitetail Deer Sheds”, it will help you find more sheds and possibly the largest antlers of your life! Many testimonials have said just that. It also makes a great gift idea! ┬áThank you for visiting!

big whitetails
Dreaming of big whitetails

Dan Cole